An Introduction

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Having used various GNU/Linux distros for several years, I have a rather hefty set of dotfiles which you are more than welcome to clone/copy/share/etc. I maintain a few packages for Arch Linux on the AUR and several others (including some works in-progress) on GitHub. I also do a bit of editing and contribution, when I can, to the Arch Wiki and I am a moderator for the Arch Linux Community on Google+.

You can follow me on Google+ though I only post occasionally. And feel free to add me on Steam (I won't accept blind invites; please message me first).

This page will serve as a home base for whatever personal projects I am working on (and any professional ones should they ever overlap with the tech-focused paradigm of this site). I will do my best to keep it as up-to-date as possible, but I make no promises with respect to that. Eventually, who knows what it may become?

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